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Traditional Affinity

The site is, situated in Vrindavan housing colony, Calicut. CaliFAB completed the work on January 19.

Affinity is an open house holiday home. The home is styled in a traditional way, bearing in mind that family enjoy a sense of being rooted in their ancestors. Thoughtparallels and CaliFAB collaborated to bring in elements of traditional style yet contemporary which was what the owners had in mind,

Our team chose the fabrics for curtains and upholstery which gives the house an elegant and sassy look. The concept the client had in mind is an" open house". We recommended sheer fabrics for common areas like formal living, entertainment room & for the dining room.

The client was extremely happy with the quality of the fabric and the colours we suggested to them. The minimalistic & subtle design with grey and brown undertone compliments the house in a beautiful way.

Happy to do #softfurnishing for affinity for #thoughtparallels & for the client. Reach us on #CaliFAB or call us if you love what you saw and want a makeover for your home sweet home of if you want to style your workplace.

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